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FBAD-06 Sabre 9.2 oz Bear Spray

$44.99 USD


Maximum Stopping Power: The only bear spray with an in-house HPLC lab to guarantee maximum strength (50% stronger than Police Strength Pepper Spray) and eliminate the 30% fail rate experienced by other brands (U of Utah study)

Protection at a Safe Distance: Bear spray has a 35-foot (10 meter) range – up to 10 feet farther than other brands. Deploys 1.84 ounces of fog per 1-second burst (up to 84% more than competitors), creating a barrier of protection between you and a bear

Easy to Carry: The chest holster secures the bear spray to your chest for readily accessible protection at a moment’s notice. Adjustable straps help to ensure a custom, snug fit while being comfortable on long hikes and outings

Quiet Access to Protection: Frontiersman Bear Spray Holsters are not made with Velcro, allowing for quick and silent access to your deterrent should you encounter a bear. Bear spray is secured by strong elastic to prevent loss

Rigorously Tested for Certainty and Peace of Mind: E.P.A. approved, our environmentally friendly bear spray is field-tested and proven effective against all types of bears by the Elmendorf Air Force Base and Brown Bear Resources