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Thermacell R-4 Value Pack Refill - 48 Hours

$20.99 USD


  • Thermacell repellent devices repel mosquitoes by creating a 15ft x 15ft zone of area repellent. This repellent, allethrin, is a synthetic copy of a natural repellent found in chrysanthemum plants.
  • Four cartridges and twelve 4-hour mats to provide 48 full hours of protection
  • Compatible with Thermacell torches, lanterns, and repellents
  • Mosquito prevention without spraying on skin
  • Use while camping, hiking, relaxing outdoors, or hunting
  • 15x15 foot zone to protect multiple people
  • Mats heated by fuel cartridge to release repellent
  • Virtually odorless, so it's perfect for crowded areas like outdoor concerts
  • Thermacell portable mosquito repellent appliance
  • Evaluated by EPA for safety and effectiveness
  • Cordless for full mobility
  • Compare to competitors such as Repel, OFF!, Cutter and Tiki
  • No open flame and no direct contact with skin or clothing
  • Available in single, value, mega, or season's supply refill packs to ensure full protection whenever you need it