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70976 Krome Rifle and Shot Gun Cleaning Kit

$26.99 USD


The Krome™ Mobile Rifle and Shotgun cleaning kit blend storage efficiency and component ergonomics with a stylish layout so the kits perform flawlessly in-home and range-based environments. The KROME™ Mobile Rifle and Shotgun cleaning kit contain everything you would need to clean and service the most popular calibers and gauges of rifles and shotguns. For use with .22 Caliber to .30 Caliber rifles and .410 bore to 12-Gauge Shotguns.


  • Mobile Format Organizes Cleaning Gear
  • Tool Stations can be Moved for Custom Preference
  • Additional Mesh Pockets to Hold Solvents, Oil, etc.
  • For Use with: .22, .243, .270, .30, .410 and 12/20 Calibers