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10x Binoculars with K9 Roof Prism and 25mm Ruby Coated Lens

$12.99 USD


The SE BC21026R Binoculars, 10x Magnification, 25 mm Lens feature a black non-slip rubberized body, which allows you to securely hold the binoculars. You will not have to miss any precious moment of action with these binoculars while hunting, fishing, star gazing, bird watching, boating, traveling, watching sporting events, safaris, traveling, or whenever you need to look more closely someplace.

These binoculars also feature a K9 roof prism, which provides enhanced contrast, clear, and crisp viewing. They have a convenient black carrying case for traveling and storage. This product also includes a lens cleaning cloth to keep your lens clean and free of dust and marks.


Ruby coated objective lens diameter: 25 mm, magnification: 10x

K9 prism for enhanced contrast, crisp, and clear viewing

Black non-slip rubberized body

Comes with 37” lanyard, black carrying case, and lens cleaning cloth

Great for hunting, fishing, star gazing, bird watching boating, traveling and more