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C000001290199 Seat Cover 2.0 DU Mossy Neoprene

$34.99 USD


A great way to protect your seats from mud, water & stains with these awesome covers are tough enough to do the job ! Sold individually, the separate seat and headrest cover give these universal seat covers a real custom fit that matches the OEM contours for a clean and seamless look.   


  • Durable 3mm neoprene resists mud, water and stains
  • Cut to match OEM contours of your seats
  • Accommodate seat controls and stock pockets
  • Compatible with most side-seat airbags
  • Very Quick and easy installation
  • Safety Seam Side Stitching for airbag deployment
  • Retention wedge anchor secures seat bottom in place
  • Rifle span slots on back of covers for gun storage