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Combo 3-pack includes one of each of the following calls:

Double Reed Turkey Call – Great beginner call. Does excellent Kee kee or lost fall turkey. User friendly ultra-light latex.
Triple Reed Batwing Cut Turkey Call – Awesome all around raspy Turkey talk. From soft tree calls to raspy yelping and cutting. Ultra-light latex, user friendly.
Triple Reed Combo Cut Turkey Call – Deep throaty yelps and cuts along with awesome soft purrs.


1. Place diaphragm call in the roof of your mouth with the horseshoe toward the back of your mouth and the latex strips toward the tip of your tongue. Tab against roof of mouth.
2. The sides of your tongue are used to hold the diaphragm against the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue slightly down and resting against the latex.
3. Push air from with a warm breath with a shh or a cha to make the latex vibrate and make sound.
4. Trim excess tape for a custom fit.
5. Practice Practice Practice
6. When through, rinse with clean water and return to plastic case.