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LA-LATCHLITE-8/32 COB LED Rechargeable Carabiner Light

$19.99 USD


Our fully rechargeable COB LED Clip Light is bright, compact, convenient and full of features. Choose high, low, strobe and SOS light modes at the touch of a button. The spring loaded carabiner allows you to easily attach the light to loops on clothing or backpacks. The light swivels up to 90 degrees allowing you to aim light where you need it. Strong magnets give you even more mounting and light aiming options. You may also use the light hand-held like a flashlight.

The Clip Light recharges easily from any USB power source with its included USB charging cable. A flashing blue light indicates the light is being charged. The light changes to solid blue once the light is fully charged. Charge your smartphone on the go with your device's charging cable.

Use this light at home, in your vehicle, on your backpack, in your emergency kit or in your bug-out bag.


350 Lumens High Mode and 160 Lumens in Low

8 Hour Run Time in High and 20 Hour Run Time in Low

USB Rechargeable (Charging Cable Included)

Adds a Quick Charge to Smart Phones

Strong Carabiner Clip Attaches to Loops on Backpacks, Clothing or Equipment

May Be Used Hand Held

Light Swivels up to 90 Degrees

Strong Magnets are Built-in to the Handle

Bright Beautiful Wide Angle Light

Strobe Light Mode

S.O.S. Mode

Weather Resistant

2200 mAh Rechargeable Battery / Power Bank