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LA-RCHCOB-8/24 Rechargeable Revive Headlamp

$9.99 USD


The LitezAll Revive is a 120 lumen USB rechargeable COB LED Head Lamp. The Revive is the perfect hands free lighting solution for home, work or recreation.

Choose from 3 light modes including High, Low and Strobe. The strobe is visible at a distance of hundreds of feet, giving you maximum visibility while walking, jogging or cycling.

The head lamp tilts down up to 60 degrees in 4 lockable positions so you can aim light right where you need it.

The Revive includes a fully adjustable head strap that fits over hoods, caps and hard hats. It is adjustable to fit on most head sizes comfortably.

The Revive Head Lamp is USB rechargeable and includes a convenient charging cable.