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LA-SNSBMCB-8/24 Rechargeable Motion Activated Headlamp

$14.99 USD


The LitezAll Swype is a rechargeable, 6 mode, motion activated, COB LED head lamp. The Swype may be operated manually or choose one of 6 light modes and turn it on and off by passing your hand in front of it.

Advanced circuitry prevents the light from turning on and off with random motion so you can be confident it will only turn on and off when you need it to.

Light modes include High Beam, Low Beam, High Flood, High Beam and Flood, Solid Red and Flashing Red. The head band tilts down up to 60 degrees in 4 locking positions.

The Swype is USB Rechargeable and includes a charging cable. A comfortable, adjustable head strap is included.