Thermacell MRPSM9-612 – Mixed Patio Shield Repeller Store Display

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Get customers easy attention with Thermacell MRPSM9-612 Patio Shield mosquito repeller store display. Display is filled with 12 R1 refills, 6 R4 value pack refills, and 12 MRPSM9-612 Patio Shield repellers. The MRPSM9-612 gives you a 15ft. X 15ft. Zone Mosquito Protection with 12 Hours of Refill Capacity.

Perfect size to take it with you or enjoy it right in your own backyard. Stay mosquito free anywhere you go!


15ft. X 15ft. Zone of Mosquito Protection

12 Hours of Refill Capacity - Holds up to 12 hours of fuel.

12 R1 Single Refills

6 R4 Value Pack refills

3 MR-PSR Patio Shield Repellers - Fiesta Red

3 MR-PSB Patio Shield Repellers – Glacial Blue

3 MR-PSG Patio Shield Repellers - Greenery