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Guard Dog

PSGDHHOC18-1-B Guard Dog Glass Breaker/Pepper Spray Black

$12.49 USD


Keychain pepper spray with built-in steel-point striker

Striker acts as an emergency escape hammer to effortlessly shatter glass in an emergency as well as added self defense

Comfort-molded finger grip for firm grasp

Includes the hottest pepper spray on the market, Guard Dog Security 18% OC red pepper spray

FREE pepper spray for life! Guard Dog industry-exclusive Protected 4 Life program replaces your pepper spray in the event of use, for free and for life

Twist top pepper spray allows for safe and easy use while preventing accidental discharge

Distance up to 16 feet range in a pressured stream to prevent wind blowback

Made, assembled and laboratory tested in the USA

Contains more bursts than the competition, guaranteed

Includes: Guard Dog Security 1/2 ounce twist-top pepper spray, Pepper spray keyring case with built-in striker and overcap

Rubberized PVC body with stainless steel striker