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Guard Dog

SGGID2-BK Guard Dog Dual Ring / Finger Double-Spark Stun Gun Black With LED Light

$26.99 USD


Curl your fist around the power and precision-designed convenience of the I Do Two Ring Stun Gun by Guard Dog Security. Optimally contoured to fit your fingers, this uniquely designed stun gun takes advantage of our natural defense stance to allow for a power-packed punch.

The double-spark, self-defense ring lands two times the high voltage blow to any potential attacker in a rubberized ergonomic form designed for comfort. Comprehensively engineered grip-to-stun technology activates the instant you grip the device, with child lock and safety switch to prevent accidental discharge.

Well suited for daily use, this design is non-abrasive when running, jogging or casual and daily carry.

Easy to hold and conceal, I Do Two is a must-have accessory for men and women in three bold colors, each weighing less than three ounces. The built-in LED flashlight provides great visibility as well as protection in the event of assailant confrontation.

The next time you are presented with a threatening situation, ensure protection with the compact, convenient I Do Two dual ring stun gun.


Dual spark, double power protection in a high voltage stun gun in the rubberized comfort of your fingers

Built-in LED flashlight for visibility and protection

Grip-to-stun technology allows you to activate the dual stun gun by simple gripping the device for instant activation

Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and child lock

Weighs less than 3 ounces and is non-abrasive when running, jogging or for daily protection

Rechargeable battery with included charger